iPod games

Once upon a time I promised some reviews of the time-wasting games I have found for my iPod Touch. Oddly enough, I would rather waste time playing the games than writing about them, but here’s the beginning of my list.

Sheepish: I love this one. The sheeps are adorable, the puzzles are just challenging enough and just short enough to keep me interested. Unfortunately, I am completely stuck on one of the levels and I have now moved on to other time-wasters.

Like Bejeweled2. For some reason, the “line up a specific number of alike things in a row” sort of games are terribly appealing to me. I can get sucked into this game for HOURS. No exaggerating, I really mean hours. sad, isn’t it? Oh, and I just tried playing this online on my laptop, and I must say, it is much more fun to use my finger and drag the pieces on the iPod. Trackpads are so last year.

The most recent addition to the game family is Gumdrops. It’s described as “what you get when you turn the game play of Tetris on its head.” That makes it sound much more exciting than it really is, but again it is a “line up a specific number of alike things” sort of game, so I have wasted several enjoyable hours with this game. My only complaint was going to be that it doesn’t really use the iPod screen to its full potential, but I discovered last night that really the problem is that it isn’t so intuitive. I didn’t bother with the instructions because the other games just worked “the way they should”. With this game, I tried everything I could think of before I finally discovered how to speed the falling of the pieces.

One last game worth mentioning is Tiki Towers. I refused to pay for the full version until I had tried the free version, and I finished all the levels of the free one really quickly. Perhaps too quickly to pay for the full version. It was fun, and I do like monkeys, but I am enjoying my other games too much right now to spend more money on iPod games. Also, the physics are supposedly pretty realistic (my two semesters of college physics were completely devoid of monkeys and their towers, so I really can’t comment on the subject) which to me just made the game a little less game-like and a little too nerdy.

…More games, less writing about games… see ya!

PS – In case you’re here to hear about Nathan, ToothWatch ’09 is nearing an end. There are two teeth through the gums. Oddly, only one of those is a top front tooth. The other is the tooth to the right of his front tooth. Their companions are visible under the gums, but taking their time. Four teeth at once makes for a somewhat crabby baby sometimes. It seems that he didn’t get the memo about when teeth should erupt and in what order.

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