Something Fishy

I spent the whole weekend hanging out on the couch, sleeping a lot of it, trying to get over the swine flu or something like it. Nathan had it last weekend and now I know why he was as crabby as he was. I just hope that I didn’t give it to everyone at work last week.

Mike recently took some pictures of his fish tank so I thought I would share them here. He works hard to make his silly rocks happy and I think he’s done quite a lovely job.

Fish Tank

Fish Tank

That’s my fish. His name is Four.

Here’s Nathan deciding where we should take him for vacation. Oh, and those teeth we’ve been waiting for? One of them arrived and the other one is making itself known.

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One Response to Something Fishy

  1. MOM says:

    The fish tank is nice but the baby pictures are best! I think he wants to come to grandma’s house for vacation. He loves NH. He is so big and so cute. I love his hair. Give us more baby pictures – please!!

    See you soon.

    Love, MOM

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