Tooth Watch ’09

It has started again. There is a consensus among those of us that regularly wonder about such things (me, our daycare provider and occasionally Mike, though I’m not sure that he “wonders” so much as “rolls his eyes at how much time we spend wondering”) that Mr. Nathan is working on some more teeth. The top ones seem to be getting ready to make an appearance. Judging by our skills at predicting the eruption of the first two teeth, there is absolutely no way we have any idea when these teeth will actually show up. Last time we started paying attention just before Christmas. The teeth stayed under those gums until late March.
But we have irrefutable evidence that something is happening. right now. His gums might be a little swollen. He has definitely been more cuddly this week. He isn’t interested in food or bottles and his nose is running. Must be teeth. Couldn’t be anything else. No way, no how.

Tooth Watch ’09 has begun again. From now until those teeth finally appear, everything that Nathan does will be because he’s teething. That’s how it works around here. I wonder if we’ll ever learn our lesson.

Who needs more teeth, anyway?

Emma likes her cousin even though he only has two teeth and can’t figure out how to give her a kiss on the cheek.

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  1. MOM says:

    Thanks for posting pictures. Those grandchildren of ours are so cute – teeth or no teeth!! We will see Emma tomorrow and we are planning the trip to MN in June.

    Talk to you soon.

    Love to everyone, MOM

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