Good times

My cousin got married this past weekend, so I got to spend my very first Mother’s Day in The Big City (not the one closest to here, the one that is a bit of a drive away, but still to close to justify plane tickets) with my mom. The wedding was beautiful and as usual it was great to see aunts and uncles and cousins with whom I don’t spend nearly enough time. (who? whom? ugh, I wish I were cool enough to know that and/or motivated enough to look up the answer. Brett to the rescue?) Also as usual, I spend weeks before the event looking forward to seeing family and then as soon as we all get together, my ridiculous shyness returns and I forget how to carry on a conversation. Why does this always happen?

***ugh. I must interrupt this terribly boring post with a terribly unrelated story that may interest only me. Too bad for the rest of you. Anyway. I am watching a hideously craptastic show (if you have to ask why, you obviously don’t know me very well. The DVR records it, therefore it must be watched.) and they just used my favorite joke. Since Nathan was a few months old I have been saying, “that boy has more blankets than…a…um… someone who has lots of blankets” and variations on the theme. Hilarious! I know. The guy on my craptastic show just said, “That swindler, he’s as blind as … something… that can’t see very well.” As he started the line, I thought, “no way. don’t do it! Don’t ruin my favorite line! GAH!” I should write bad TV. I wonder if there’s any money in that.
***Also, I just noticed on the website of the craptastic show, there is a link to “Get caught up in 5 minutes! Watch the 5 minute recap!” Sounds like the perfect way to watch the show.

I think I was talking about not being able to carry on a conversation… Interesting. or not. I’ll have some pictures from the weekend one of these days. And perhaps some reviews of my nifty new iPod Touch (Nathan is the smartest baby I’ve ever had; he knew just what to get me!) and it’s associated apps. I’m going to be testing out some games as soon as I hit publish. See ya!

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  1. bkail says:

    I’d say “whom” since you’re referring to the object of the sentence. See also. Brian probably wouldn’t’ve even had to’ve double-checked with Google before answering…

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