As my mother JUST KEEPS REMINDING ME, I haven’t posted any pictures of Nathan in a while (also no pictures of my new haircut). I have lots of very good and valid reasons for that, though of course none of those reasons matter AT ALL to my mother. Actually, thought, it is Mom’s fault that you have all been deprived. Nagging makes me stubborn. more stubborn than usual. and that’s saying something. The more she nags, the less I feel like transferring the pictures off of the camera, onto the computer, cropping and fixing them and then uploading them here. And, as it turns out, even before the nagging, I just didn’t feel like doing it.

I’m such a whiner. =)

I love you, Mom.

Here are a couple of videos to tide you over until I can work up the motivation to upload some pictures (and maybe take a few more when I am not chasing him away from all of the dangerous things that he can now crawl to).

Dinnertime has become a lot messier since he learned this trick. (please ignore the last half of this clip; I don’t have any way of editing out the part where he got tired of being on camera and started making sad/angry baby noises)

This is his newest noise. So much better than any of the others. So cute AND quiet. If only this trend would continue. =)

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  1. Carey says:

    He didn’t do any of those cute things while at our house…just other cute things, like making Dayne jealous by paying attention to someone else. Did he finally poop? Must have if he’s happy in those videos.

  2. Julie says:

    Oh, my — that grin is marvelous!

  3. Johnny says:

    Aww… what a cute baby!

    Kim! I haven’t talked to you in forever. How have you been?

  4. Kim says:

    Carey – he saved it all up for me. =) which is good; I would have felt really guilty if you had had to deal with all of that. When are you and Jeff going to have date night?

    Julie – He says “thanks! I know just when to flash that grin so Mom doesn’t chuck me out a window.” =)

    Johnny – It has been forever! I was even online quite a lot (for me) last weekend. Chatted with Cero for a bit but didn’t see you at all. I thought you were back?

  5. Johnny says:

    I am… sort of. I’m not really around a lot. I, more than likely, won’t be around for much longer though. I’ve not desire to be online, and this whole being single again thing is really interesting!

    I do have many life updates though, so we’ll have to chat sometime soon!

  6. MOM says:

    I’m glad you have a mother so you can blame someone for your problems. I’m here for you! He is very cute. I’ll take him when you get tired. I didn’t see the teeth. I will have teach him to smile so I see his new teeth. Thanks for update. Now the new hair style, please.

    Love you,

  7. Johnny says:

    You should totally check your facebook messages. DO IT!

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