Spring made an appearance this weekend.
Even though I didn’t get my chores done, the house is a mess, the diapers are rinsing but still need to be washed and dried before tomorrow morning, and I haven’t folded the laundry (but I did get it washed and dried!), I did get to go outside without a coat on and even take Nathan out for a couple of walks. Who knew that facing forward in a stroller could be so exciting?! He squealed and giggled nearly constantly for an hour and a half.
We spent lots of time with friends and Mike also spent lots of quality time with our new dishwasher. It is mostly installed, and he only had to spend all day digging up the kitchen tiles so it would fit under the counter. ugh.
We also managed to find time to go on a date on Friday to see Watchmen and made plans for another date to drink beer and stargaze.
Winter here feels so long. It is easy to forget that the sun will eventually make some difference and the snow will eventually thaw. I needed the reminder.

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2 Responses to Thawing

  1. Tony says:

    By ‘without a coat’ you really mean ‘wearing my friend’s favorite green hoodie and not even giving it back ever’ don’t you?

  2. Julie says:

    We just got a new dishwasher, too! Add that to the excitement of spring (finally) coming, and we all just might go crazy from all the joy. 🙂

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