Anybody here?

**EDIT** I had to turn off comments for this post. Sometime in February, the spammers discovered it and now they won’t go away! **

So apparently it was Delurking Week in the blog-world. I missed it. But it’s my blog and I can do what I want. And I want to know who’s reading. =) Please post a comment; I would love to know that you’re out there.
Oooh, I almost forgot — a question for those of you who are smarter about the internets than I am: How do I track how people find my website? I want to know if I am find-able via google, cause I’m not sure that I want to be… The other bloggers seem to have someway of knowing how people found them and where the ISPs of their readers are… I want to be that cool!

Anyway. I will post some new Penelope pictures as soon as I find the cable for my tiny new camera that my lovely husband bought me for Christmas. I know, just what you were hoping for, more pictures of the dog. Well, I don’t have kids and we haven’t been doing anything that really warrants picture-taking, and the neighbors might get mad if I tried to take a picture of their Christmas(?) trees that are still up — there are FOUR of them (I may have mentioned in an earlier post that there were 3, but I was wrong, there are 3 in the front window and 1 is hiding in the corner of the next room over) — two blue, one white and one pinky-red. See, that’s how exciting my life is. All I have to write about today is the plethora of Christmas trees that have taken over my neighbor’s house!

good-bye now. Don’t forget to post a comment or I will be sad and think that no one loves me. =)

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9 Responses to Anybody here?

  1. MFA Mama says:

    The dog is a Fila Brasileiro (shhh–they’re not that common and someone might recognize me by it if they saw it on my blog). What you want is sitemeter (–free and more fun than digging out a good splinter). Chances are you are already on Google, because their “bots” comb the entire Internet periodically. There’s no escaping Google. Unless you alter terms you don’t want Googled (like if your last name is Smith and you don’t want people finding your blog by Googling “Jane Smith” you could put “Smi*th” and that wouldn’t come up in the search–a lot of people will put “p*enis” if they’re talking about p*nises but don’t want a bunch of pervs finding their blog Googling “p*nis enl*/gement v/*gra naked grandmas” and the like). Now that I’ve said pe**s all over your comments I’ll just scoot on back to the ether. XOX MFA Mama

    **Edited by moderator to remove the words that were bringing the spam commenters to my blog for the first time ever. I’m so popular! I was so impressed with having a comment from the ultra-famous MFA Mama that I didn’t want to edit it, but after having deleted a bunch of spammy comments (solely on this post) I must assume that they found me and now I am being forced to edit. stupit internet-comment-spammers. bleh**

  2. Steve says:

    This post is actully from Jen. I think there’s a good chance we might come up to Rochester this coming weekend. If I can get actual confirmation of that from Steve, I’ll let you know. :)

  3. Jen says:

    It’s Jen again. False alarm on the visiting next weekend thing. That’s not going to work out for Steve. I’ll keep trying!

  4. Veronica says:

    I read your blog! I love it! Congrats on the new job, too. Now that Chris is FINALLY joining the world of D and D (that I’m TRYING to understand), Lil and I are looking for people to hang out with. So let me know if you ever want to get together! Lily is getting really fun, which makes things easier. Anyway, back to work.

  5. Tony says:

    Oh! I’m here! My computer is working again, so I’m totally reading a week’s worth of Everything In the World.

  6. Jill says:

    Kim, when I started my blog (and ended it about a month later due to laziness) I used to track visit stats, and you could see where the visitors were coming from too. It was pretty easy to use and free.

    There–I’m delurking myself and hopefully being helpful too . . .

  7. bkail says:

    Conversation last night prompted me to post and reveal myself as a lurker. Because I’m sure you care, I don’t like the use gradients in this theme. :-).

  8. Kim says:

    Thanks for commenting! I am going to write a post about my Delurkers, but I had a bit of iPod drama that needed to be blogged about first, sorry! Brett, what’s a “use gradient”?

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