Things I want to remember

There are so many things about you that I want to be sure I don’t forget, Mr. Baby. Like all the silly nicknames that we use for you that have made it hard to see you as Nathan and not as Baby Monster or Buddy or just simply Baby. And how much you have changed in the last couple of months; so much that your dad and I can’t stop talking about how amazing of a little personality you are now. Now you notice when we leave the room and it makes you mad. Your gorgeous eyes light up when Penelope walks into the room and I can always make you smile by letting you touch the dog.

Nathan and his dog

When you see your dad but he’s not looking at you, your ear piercing shriek is guaranteed to get his attention (and usually an answering squawk!). You are now great at sitting on your own, but you haven’t figured out that when you dive onto your stomach you aren’t yet capable of getting back up to a seated position and it makes you so mad every time it happens.

Sitting up 0109

You’re learning some very important lessons right now. The least fun is learning to calm yourself down and go to sleep without our help, and I want you to know that it’s been tough for me. I see it as my very first parental test; the first time in your tiny life that you are learning to be a teensy bit independent. That’s what I remind myself as I sit downstairs, watching the clock and waiting for the required number of minutes before I am allowed to go in and comfort you and remind myself that you’re ok and that I’m doing the right thing. But I have to give you (and Dr. Ferber) some credit. You’re really good at this sleeping thing and the book is right, you are ready to do this without me.

For the last two weeks (since we decided it was time for you to learn to fall asleep on your own), you have been awesome at bedtime. There has only been one painful evening that lasted for 45 minutes and then, just as I thought I couldn’t handle it anymore, you were asleep and you didn’t wake up until the next morning. And it wasn’t even the first night (thank goodness, or I’m not sure I could have followed the plan). The first night you barely noticed that we had left you alone and you were asleep by the time your dad and I made it downstairs to the kitchen. And now we’re working on naptime. In fact, just now I went up to “rescue” you and call today a failure, but as I made it to your doorway, you were rolling onto your side, rubbing your eyes and giving in to sleeping. There is something very amazing about watching you figure things out, but at the same time I have to say that it makes me a little sad that you don’t need me to rock you and nurse you and snuggle you to sleep. It makes me very glad that on Wednesday I broke all the “rules” and rocked you to sleep at naptime and then kept rocking for two hours while you slept.

But let’s talk about something other than sleep. Like how you are the coolest baby ever! Because instead of saying “dadadada” first, you started babbling with “mamamamama”. Whee! You love me best! Yeah, I know that you have no idea that Mama is me, but still, when you are worried or upset, I love that you say “mamamamama”.

The messiest thing that you are learning right now is how to eat solid food.

First Foods

You love peas and Gerber’s carrots are ok, but the carrots that I spent hours this summer steaming and mashing and freezing for you had to be watered down and reblended before you were willing to eat them. In fact, after the first couple of weeks you decided that you don’t want to eat anything that your mom offers you.

First foods 1208

These days you are only a good eater at Judy’s house, so I guess it’s a good thing that she has you four days a week or you’d never learn about new foods. She says that you adore applesauce and squash was also a big hit. I am glad that you are still interested in nursing, and I’m glad that you have given up demanding to eat whatever I am eating, but I would really like to participate more in introducing you to new foods.

Your most adorable new habit is asking for attention and demanding to be picked up.

Please note how quickly your father responds to the Pick Me Up Arms. It only took you a few days to train him. Excellent work Mr. Baby!

Nathan and Sonoma 0109
Wow, your mom makes you wear that outfit ALL THE TIME (no, those pictures weren’t all taken on the same day. it seems that I really like that outfit)!

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6 Responses to Things I want to remember

  1. MOM says:

    He is growing up so fast! Start writing a journal now so you don’t forget things. Nathan might not enjoy it but you will in a few years when you forget all the fun things and some of those that weren’t fun.

    Give him a big kiss from his grandmother!!

  2. Johnny says:

    OMGOMGOMGOMG your baby is so adorable.

    Good Lord, I sound like a woman. I’m going to go do manly things so I feel better about myself.

    All joking aside, you guys sound like you are doing awesome as first time parents!

  3. Carey says:

    Nathan rides my dog better than my kids ride my dog!!! Great journal!

  4. Kim says:

    Sonoma is a much better pony than Penelope. Penelope is a moving target, but Sonoma just stands there happily while Nathan whacks her on the head and giggles. Poor dogs. =)

  5. MOM says:

    I’m back. Since I can’t have Nathan here I just keep looking at his picture. You and Mike are doing a wonderful job and Nathan is very lucky to have you as parents. He is just too cute!!

    Love, Grandma Hannum

  6. Julie says:

    Who COULD resist picking up that sweetness!

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