I survived!

Two whole days of Orientation! I am all orientated now. Tomorrow I start the job. So far so good. I managed to ride the bus today and it works just as planned — picks me up in a convenient place, drops me off in a convenient place. Now I just have to learn the schedule. So really, it has gone very, very well. Except they spelled my name wrong on my access badge (thanks, Mom and Dad, by the way, that never gets old… oh wait, yes it does).

The following is an only slightly fictionalized version of the conversation I had today about my name that I have every time I have to have my full name on something official. Let it be a warning to those of you who are thinking about naming your children something “normal” but with a slight variation in the spelling…

Me: There’s an ‘E’ before the ‘Y’.
Poor, confused soul: blank look, no verbal response.
Me: Ya, my parents can’t spell. It’s L-EEEEEE-Y.
Poor, slightly-less-confused soul: oh. there. right… hmmmm… That’s when I write it down or pull out my driver’s license as a visual explanation of the bane of my existance. Here’s your visual explanation — KimberlEy. Now do you see it? That’s right. right there at the end. so pretty and soooo confusing to everyone.
PSLC Soul: (looking at co-worker) Can I just change that?
Me: See, what’s on there now isn’t my name. My name has a second ‘E’ in it. Please change it. please. (frustration from having dealt with this 19 bajillion times creeping into my voice)
Co-worker #2 still seems skeptical, but PSLC Soul values her life and prints me a new access card and wants to make EXTRA sure that it’s right this time so I won’t EVER come back and see her again. Oh, and this particular conversation took place in a little tiny office at the end of a hallway marked “Temporarily Closed. No Access”. I would never have found them if someone from my new job hadn’t walked me right to the doorway of the office. Maybe that’s how they like to keep it. Keeps us Extra Random Letter kids away from them. =)

I love you, Mom and Dad! *hug*

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