A somewhat tardy update about my future

The “interview” was actually nearly as incredibly long as predicted and would have been exactly as long as predicted if someone hadn’t been out sick. Fortunately they spent more time selling the program to me than asking me to sell myself to them. I met with three different women in charge, they told me about the classes, showed me the classroom, introduced me to the online class stuff and then we took a tour of one of areas that I could end up working in once I have my certificate. Conveniently my tour guide has a baby just a bit older than Nathan, so we spent quite a bit of time talking about babies and such. Whee! Something in common and easy to talk about! I think she liked me! But…

At the end of our tour there was a quiz. Srsly. While I wholeheartedly approve of the concept, it was terrifying. On a normal day, under regular circumstances, I have a fear of being wrong. In an interview situation… oh my. Nathan did not, in fact, let me sleep well the night before, and I made it worse by going to bed much too late to start with. So by the end of the “interview”, I was only half listening to what she was describing to me. Then she said, “When I ask you questions about these you don’t have to remember their names right now, you can just refer to them by their colors.” Wait. Questions? Right now? Thank goodness most of it was stuff that I have seen before in my job and none of the questions were terribly difficult. Just enough to be sure that I can listen, retain a small amount of information and then put two and two together without too much trouble.

And then it was over. And vacation began. Woohoo! Maybe someday I’ll get around to blogging about vacation. At the very least there will someday be pictures. Cause we took some cute ones.

Oh, I guess I should mention that I got an offer letter from the school, so once I have assurances from HR that it will be paid for, I’ll be accepting and getting ready to go back to school in July. They think I am charming and brilliant!

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