Guess who was in his crib asleep by 7:30pm tonight?

That’s right! It’s this little cutie!
Nathan Smiling Aug2008

So why am I not downstairs logged on to WoW, getting reacquainted with my little mage? Because I was sure that he would be awake and screaming by now. Surprise!

Since he is still sleeping and I am starting to get sleepy, I guess I will put a few more pictures in here and then head to bed early. Next time this happens, I am totally doing something more exciting than blogging…

Here’s a picture of Nathan and his Great Grandma Harris. I love this picture. She was so excited to hold him and rock him. He did such a nice job of snuggling up and soaking up all the adoration.
Nathan and Great Grandma Harris Aug2008

This is where Nathan spends his mornings while I get ready for the day. So far in all of his nine weeks, he has never had a problem hanging out in his bouncy chair while I shower and get ready. Today, though, he cried the whole time, making me feel horrible for wanting to be clean.
Nathan bouncing Aug2008

This is another of my favorites. Penelope was so fast asleep on the couch that she didn’t wake up until Nathan had already been arranged and I was getting the camera set up just right. She was not very pleased to find that she had company on the couch!
Nathan&Penelope Aug2008

She might be a little jealous. Surprise! (ok, so no one who knows that dog is surprised that she is sad to not be the center of the universe, but come on, it’s a theme, so pretend to be surprised, alright?)
Every time I put Nathan on a blanket on the floor, Penelope finds a way to take over the blanket. While he is there, she stays on the edge, or lays down behind me like a convenient, fuzzy backrest. As soon as Nathan has been moved, though, she swoops in and makes herself the center of attention. poor sad dog. She thinks she is so neglected.

One more surprise and then I’m off to bed. Before 9pm! I’m so boring.

We’re probably going to be buying one of these tomorrow. Well, it will be a 2008 and hopefully red, but you get the idea. Turns out that giant dogs and babies can’t fit into small cars since neither of them is legally allowed to ride in the trunk and it would probably be dangerous to let 120 pounds of dog share a seat with 11 pounds of baby. We borrowed a Rogue last night and today I did some testing — baby seat fits well, stroller and groceries easily fit in the back with room for bunches of other stuff, it is not so big that it is difficult to park, it is of much more appropriate height for coffee shop drive-thru windows, and oh yeah, the dog fits comfortably in the back and she wasn’t at all freaked out by having to jump up into it.

I lied, I just got a super fun surprise that I have to tell you about. I was about to hit publish when the phone rang. It was a political survey-taking person! I have opinions! Let me tell them to you! The person asking the questions sounded like a 12-year old boy, but whatever. He was asking things about the state representative candidates and the survey was very obviously written by the Republicans, making it even more enjoyable to share my opinions. He read a list of horribly misleading statements about the DFL candidate and I was supposed to say whether the statement would make me more or less likely to vote for the guy. Whee! Raise taxes! Give more money to schools! Give my tax dollars to the poor people! The funniest part was when he instructed me to “hang in there” through the following statements. It seems that he has gotten some angry responses on previous calls. I just giggled and gleefully answered the opposite of what they obviously wanted me to say. I love survey calls. Surprise!

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8 Responses to Surprise!

  1. bkail says:

    You seem to be missing a picture/link for the 2008 red thing you’re maybe buying tomorrow :-).

  2. becky says:

    I could see it. Are you getting a rogue because of Taran? =) Having a bigger car is really nice. I’m sure you’re going to love it.

  3. Kim says:

    Brett, click on the word “these”, it links to Nissan’s website. And btw, I have been wanting to comment on your blog, but I don’t want to sign up for a Google account… Any chance you’re going to change those settings?

    Becky, there are a few reasons that we settled on the Rogue. It’s name is a happy coincident. =) Mike is way too logical to choose a car by name. There are charts and graphs.

  4. Julie says:

    I love those surveys, too — it’s so fun to mess with their heads!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Hi, Kim!

    I’ve been very fairly disconnected from the Internets recently (no internet yet at the new condo) so I’m just now getting caught up on the blog. Fun to hear and see all about Nathan the Cutie! I miss you guys!

  6. bkail says:

    Wow, clicking makes the computer machine work! (I fail at the intarwebs :-/).

    Looks nice and claims to get good mileage; hope the purchase worked out :-).

  7. Brian says:

    Re: 2008 Rogue

    I took the liberty of looking up your hot new ride on my favorite car website ( Apparently there are 3 things to look out for:
    1) Keep an eye on the passenger seat airbag light. It can come on even when someone’s in the seat, thus disabling the airbag.
    2) A lot of Rogues have an awesome grinding noise coming from their transmission if you have the CVT. No known fix yet.
    3) 2 Rogue owners have reported windows/moonroof spontaneously exploding. Fun!

    Oh well, none of those beat the headlights switch that’s slated to melt/burst into flames any day now in our Neon.

    Just thought you should know…

  8. Brian says:

    Err… not in anyway slagging your car purchase. All new cars have issues just waiting to be discovered.

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