Quick Survey

Does anyone know a baby that cries in his sleep? (I do. Mine.)

Anyone else think that sleep-crying is creepy? (I do. For real. Super creepy.)

Any ideas on how to make it stop? Or if I should worry about it?

In addition to this survey, I bring you a short Public Service Announcement — The Moby Wrap is the best invention EVER. It can make this baby

Crying Nathan

go to sleep super fast. And it makes him stay asleep while his mom catches up on blogging, paying bills, feeding the poor ignored dog, cooking dinner, any number of things that require two hands!!!

Babies in footie pajamas are the cutest babies in the whole entire world! Need proof? Check out this fine example.

Happy Baby

And look at the gorgeous eyes on this baby!!!


And here’s one last picture of Nathan and his Uncle Jason. Awwww…

Nathan and Uncle Jason July 2008

I need to take more pictures, I think. Nathan is starting to smile back when he is smiled at; I’ll see what I can do about capturing that. He’s already pretty cute, but he is so much cuter when he smiles.

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2 Responses to Quick Survey

  1. bkail says:

    Moby Wrap link is broken. I think you need an http:// prefix. More pictures is always good :-).

  2. Kim says:

    Thank you! should be all better now.

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