One whole month!

Nathan has managed to survive life at the Harris household for a month now. Unfortunately, he has not managed to sleep in his bassinet for longer than about 2 hours or in his crib for longer than about 10 minutes. He has figured out that his wrists and fists can be somewhat soothing if only he can manage to get them into his mouth (they seem to end up there by accident most of the time, but he’s getting luckier every day). He smiles a lot more now and sometimes even seems to be mimicking my facial expressions (I’m not sure if that is wishful thinking or if he really is capable of that at this point, but some days it is the highlight of my day when I think he is making faces at me in response to my faces, so don’t tell me I’m wrong, ok? Thanks.) Together we figured out the feeding thing only a couple of days after being freed from the hospital (funny how the breastfeeding class failed to mention that it may require the assistance of 2-3 nurses and/or family members every time the baby needs to be fed and that, yes, this is pretty normal, and yes, crying about it does make it worse, but yes, crying about breastfeeding is also pretty normal).
Something about Week Four must be stressful, because Nathan went on a Daytime Strike. During the Daytime Strike, the only acceptable activities were filling diapers with nasty things, fussing while pretending to fall asleep, and my personal favorite — claiming to be starving and then skweeing every time food is offered. (“Skweeing” is Nathan’s most hilarious noise. It’s hard to describe in words, but it sounds like some sort of high-pitched, wounded animal noise. “Skwee” repeated over and over in a very high pitched voice is about as close as I get to mimicking it. He does it while he’s sleeping sometimes for no apparent reason. Hilarious.) Yesterday, though, Nathan must have decided that The Strike was just too much work and he returned to fairly normal if somewhat fussy babyhood. He even sat quietly in his bouncy seat while I showered AND dried my hair.
Wow, my life is so exciting.

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