An Extraordinary… what now?

Don’t look now, but Nathan is sleeping in his bouncy chair, the sprinkler man is gone, the heating guys and electrician finished installing the air exchanger and the dog is no longer attached to my foot (to keep her from scaring herself and the workmen). This give me a chance to post about something that I have been laughing about for a while (along with most of the interwebs, apparently).

Have you seen this commercial? Someone let the interns write a commercial and then let some production interns make it and then forgot to let some 12-year old boys listen to it before they put it on the air. heehee!

For some more fun, Google “nut snack commercial” and see how many people have 12-year-old-boy senses of humor. It’s not just me!

UPDATE: (because I KNOW you were all dying to know) According to the YouTube commenters, the word “nut” has been removed from the commercial, but just ten minutes ago I heard it in all its original hilarity.

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