On Monday I went in to see the doctor and demanded an alternative to the twice daily gauze packing. He stopped short of mocking me for waiting so long and agreed to stick needles full of lidocaine in me and then staple me shut. And so he did. And while the staples aren’t exactly comfortable, it is nice not to have to schedule my mornings and evenings around both a baby and a husband. The cool part, I go back tomorrow to see if they are ready to come out. Already!

I have some new pictures to post, but I have to get them cropped and resized and that takes time and two hands. While I do have lots of time sitting around on the couch, there is a tiny little boy occupying both of my hands most of the day. I sure am looking forward to a time when he will be happy napping in his crib or hanging out in his swing or anything really that doesn’t involve me holding him. It makes for a very long day when he screams anytime I put him down and sometimes while I am holding him but sitting still instead of pacing around the house bouncing. It’s a really good thing he’s cute. And sometimes cuddly and sleepy and warm. On a non-complaining note, Nathan has been consistently sleeping about 5 hours at a stretch at night. Can’t complain about that.

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One Response to Stapled!

  1. becky says:

    Glad to hear you’re stapled shut! I can’t imagine how annoying the gauze must’ve been. As far as Nathan and his fussing, Ivy is still like that — always wanting to be held and bounced. She’s 3 months, so hopefully Nathan won’t take that long to grow out of it! Oh, and Ivy’s always slept on her stomach, even though she’s not “supposed” to. It’s the only way they could get her to sleep without one of them holding her!

    Let me know if you’d like company sometime. I can pace around and bounce for a while with Nathan. =)

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