And for my next trick…

I’m gonna win the lottery. That would be more fun and less painful. I found out last week that my C-section incision was infected, which they tell me happens in only 3-5% of cases. Yay me! Do you know what they do when you have an infection like that? They gather all the residents they can find and then they open up your incision and poke around in it until the nasty infected part comes spurting out all over. Then they poke around some more to make sure that you are seriously uncomfortable. Then they teach your husband how to pack the gaping wound full of gauze and tell him he will have to do that twice a day for several weeks until the gaping wound has healed. OMG!

So we have had an eventful July. I’ve had enough eventfulness, really. The good news is that I am finally starting to feel better and more capable of doing things other than sitting on the couch watching TV. We’re even going to go for a walk AND I’ve been on the computer for 30 minutes without a baby interruption! Baby Bjorns are the bestest invention ever! Now if only the little mister would sleep in his bassinet instead of just with one of us. (seriously, the kid WILL NOT stay asleep if you lay him down anywhere other than on your chest or in your lap) Please tell me that this is normal and next week he’ll be over it… right?

He’s still very adorable, so I guess we’ll let him get away with a few bad habits for just a little bit longer. =)
Nathan in his boppy0708

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2 Responses to And for my next trick…

  1. Tony says:

    Gabe didn’t sleep very well at first, either. He would fall asleep just fine, but would only sleep for 1 hour in the bassinet.

    It gets better. He sleeps for a solid twelve hours straight every night now.

  2. Joe says:

    Randy had an infection as well, after our first, it’s no fun. Both of ours would only fall asleep on one of us, but once they were asleep we could put them in their beds with no real problem.

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