One day late

and counting. I’m still quite pregnant. Not terribly pleased about it, either. I’ve been having little contractions (that don’t hurt at all) since Friday night, but I was learned yesterday that they don’t really mean anything. Even though they are happening very regularly and consistently for 48 hours now. =(

We spent a bit of time in the hospital last night because baby decided to take the afternoon and evening off from moving around. A cup of orange juice and one of ice water and thirty minutes on the monitors later, and baby was moving just fine. The midwife said my useless contractions can’t go on forever, though, because I am scheduled for induction on July 8th. How reassuring.

Back to work tomorrow, I guess. neat.

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2 Responses to One day late

  1. Jill says:

    Maybe baby was resting up in preparation for an escape shortly?? We’re all thinking about you and I’ve been checking this site obsessively!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Well it sounds like you should be pounding the ice water and oj!!!

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