Nekkid Llamas!

Maybe those llamas down the street really are for the production of fur (hair? fiber? what do llamas make?). Recently, I drove past the llamas that live down the road from us and thought, “hey, they got new little llamas!” And then I realized that, no, those weren’t new llamas, they were naked llamas! The two that are always out in the pasture by the road are seriously about half the size they were when they were wearing all of their fur. But they still have all the fluff on their heads and legs, so they look really silly. Poor llamas.

While searching for pictures of shaved llamas, I have learned a few things:
– Llamas make wool. (um, duh, I should have known that. silly me)
– Medium wool llamas don’t need to be shaved every year, which could explain why our friendly neighborhood llamas don’t always look so silly.
– All shaved llamas always look silly.
– Some of them are even silly enough to put on a t-shirt.
– None of the pictures that google came up with looked enough like what lives near me that I felt like linking to them.
– I have WAY too much free time on my hands this weekend.

I have a good excuse, though. I’m still pregnant and it’s hot outside.

It wasn’t a completely lazy day, though. I was very productive for the first portion of the day. Carol and I went to the farmer’s market and spent a lovely morning supporting local agriculture and relaxing in the shade by the river. When I got home I cleaned up the dog leavings in the backyard and watered my poor thirsty flowers (none of the promised rain arrived this week). Then I dragged Mike out to the accursed baby store (which I hate pretty passionately, by the way. Crabby, unhelpful employees, poor selection, and an annoying monopoly on baby stuff in this town, though that might be cause I don’t know all the right places to shop yet) where we spent lots of money on a few more essential things for the impending child. Why is there always so much more to buy? Just when I think we have EVERYTHING, I am reminded of something else that we really really need. As we left, Mike declared, “well, I sure am glad that that’s the last money we’ll ever have to spend on that kid.” ha. My husband, the comedian.

Well, anyway. I’m still pregnant and the llamas near my house are nekkid.
That is all; good night!

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