Entirely Unproductive

Yesterday I decided it was going to be Shopping Day. I had finished all of the contemplation required to buy presents for my family and I had my little mental list all written, right down to the stores at the mall which would happily offer the products that I wished to purchase. I worked through lunch (only partly because I forgot to bring one) and left at 4pm. I arrived at the mall, parked in a spot amazingly close to the center of all of my mall-shop destinations. The first stop did not have acceptable offerings, but I was not going to be discouraged, and off I went, full of Christmas cheer to each of the remaining stops, which greeted me with exactly the same results as my first stop. By 5pm I had walked the entire mall (ok, so it’s not that big of a mall, but still… less than an hour, people!) and purchased — NOTHING! (not even the pair of shoes that at first I was going to reward myself with for being so productive and later that I was going to console myself with once I had finished my entirely unproductive circuit of the entire mall. THERE WERE NO CUTE SHOES! stupid, tiny mall!)

The best part of the unproductive evening happened on my ride home. I was stopped at a red light, waiting for my green arrow so I could turn left. I am sitting, first in line, staring at the stoplight, waiting for my green arrow, waiting, waiting… and suddenly it turns RED! I sat through the entire green turn arrow (staring right at it, oops) and NOT ONE of the happy Minnesotans behind me honked. It still makes me giggle and I have been telling the story all day. =)

Today I spent the day wondering what I was going to do. I certainly wasn’t ready to venture out again, but it’s nearly Christmas and these presents have to journey across the country, so I need to stop procrastinating and get going! The ladies at work, who have lived here forever (in fact, most of them have worked at the company where I now work for longer than I have been alive), were full of suggestions for where I needed to finish my Christmas shopping. Of course, this would mean 4 separate stops instead of my convenient one-stop-mall excursion, but hey, we see how well that worked out. I decided to brave the holiday-cheery shopping world again, but this time I would have to start at 5pm (good thing we have no real rush hour here). Guess what? The ladies were right again. All but one present has been purchased, and though 4 stops had to be made, I was the opposite of entirely unproductive today!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

(until tomorrow when the wrapping and packing for mailing starts and then there will be a lack of “merry” in my spirit again!)

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