Three Dog Weekend

That pretty much says it all. Here are a couple of pictures that will show you how our weekend went…

3 Dog weekend

The Kids

Sometimes it’s fun to have extra dogs. I kind of like having three dogs. For a weekend. Cause, wow, that’s a lot of dogs. Especially when one weighs 120 (Penelope) and one weighs at least 10 pounds more than that (Fred) and one of them has lots of energy (Thai). They all seemed to have fun, but I think Penelope is a bit overtired right now. =)

Here’s a picture of our tree. I think it looks somewhat pathetic in the picture, but I really like it in real life. It’s such a cute little tree and it isn’t as naked as the picture makes it look. Who knew it was so hard to get a good picture of a Christmas tree?

Christmas Tree 2005

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4 Responses to Three Dog Weekend

  1. Leah says:

    I like your tree! How tall is it? I wish I had one. I’ve never had a real tree before. My family has always had a firm belief in fake trees.

  2. Tony says:

    Carol still won’t let me have a tree for some reason. She’s so mean.

    Thanks for taking care of Fredly. Vacation weekend was all sorts of fun.

    Oh, and hi, Leah! :)


  3. Kim says:

    The tree is just enough taller than me that I had to reach to put the star on top (no tip-toes required, but a good stretch). Oh, and I am about 5’10”.

    Carol IS mean; I can’t believe you’re not allowed to have a tree! =)

    It was fun to have the three dogs. I just wish that Fred didn’t get nervous when he comes here, cause the resulting odors are a little strong. Thank goodness for candles! And I feel a little bad for him cause Penelope pesters him non-stop as long as he is here. poor boy.

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