Done! (again)

I’m pretty much sick of this pregnancy stuff. I’m tired of being uncomfortable, I’m tired of worrying if baby is moving enough or if something is wrong, I’m tired of clothes not fitting, I’m tired of heart palpitations when all I’ve done is climb out of bed and walked into the bathroom, I’m tired of not being able to walk and talk at the same time because I can’t breathe… I’m just tired. I’ve been feeling great through all of this, but suddenly this week I’m finished. over it. done. getthiskidoutcauseidon’twanttobefatanymore. done.

28 days until the due date. Not that I’m counting.

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2 Responses to Done! (again)

  1. Mom says:

    It isn’t time for it to come out yet. Just be calm and it will happen. You have done wonderful and there is just a short time left. There is a reason for the way you feel so you have to just sit back and know it will change soon. You are doing great – keep it up. You look wonderful!!

  2. veronica says:

    Here, as a doula, are my top 5 tips for getting through the last weeks:
    1) Go swimming…or floating. You won’t feel as big.
    2) Go get a massage.
    3) Go get a pedicure (cause you can’t reach those toes!)
    4) Take a nice bath every night. Just fold a hand towel up and put it under your bum for comfort.
    5) Plan something super special and super fun for your EDD, such as a date night.

    Hope they help!!!! (and if you need to borrow my pool I used when I was pregnant and uncomfortable, let me know!!!) Hang in there!

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