The painting is finished! and it is beautiful, if I do say so myself. (If only my kitchen countertops were a more appropriate, matching sort of color. oh well, can’t have everything.)

Why am I blogging at 11:15, you ask? It might be because I am at work waiting for something to finish so that I can go home and sleep. But since I would never blog at work, there must be another reason. Just bored, I guess.

Still no pictures of my belly or my sweater. man, I’m a slacker. The sweater is coming along nicely, though. I finished the neckband this weekend and am working on a sleeve. The best part about this sweater is that there is no sewing once I bind off the last stitches. I love it! Soon I will be able to start knitting for this kid that is arriving in 6 weeks or so! OMG, 6?!? That seems soon.

Speaking of The Reason For My Fatness, the kid has been working on her/his Aliens impression and it is a bit distracting in meetings. A co-worker joined me in being distracted and a little grossed out this morning. I know that I am supposed to think that this is amazing and wonderousful and all of that, but srsly, people, SOMETHING IS MOVING IN MY GIANT BELLY AND IT’S NOT ME! That’s weird and sort of gross. I find myself wondering if there isn’t a better way to grow new people.

I’m all out of things to write about… I should try to write before the middle of the night. On the bus I always have so many things in my head. Hours later, all of those things have disappeared. too bad for you. good night.

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