Let the painting begin!

I think we’re finally ready. I moved the furniture, spackled the holes in the walls, sanded a couple of rough patches, washed the walls, removed all the outlet cover-thingies, and bought all the paint and painting tools. (Did you notice that step in there about washing of the walls? can you believe it? That’s the step that I always skip, but this time, I decided to be a responsible painter and now the walls are prepped and ready.)

I was going to start the edging tonight, but as it turns out, I’m pretty slow-moving these days. Also, the couch seems a bit more magnetic than it once was. Inertia is a powerful thing. I guess the key is to just keep moving. We’ll try that tomorrow.

Also on the schedule for tomorrow — family portrait session for the church directory. And Penelope gets to join us for some extra shots that we might just need to purchase. I’m curious to see how the Pretty, Pretty Princess will handle the spotlight.

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