A little Saturday adventuring

I’m sick again. And I learned something new. When you are 30 weeks pregnant and you call the doctor on a weekend to see if someone can make your sinuses feel better, there will be a grand adventure.

First you will learn that the midwife on call is out sick, so you will need to speak to Labor and Delivery Triage. They will have you speak to a nurse who will speak to a resident who will tell her to tell you to come on in and be seen by someone. Then you when you arrive in Labor and Delivery Triage, they will tell you that they don’t usually deal with folks quite so pregnant as you, so they will strap a wrist band on you and send you on over to Labor and Delivery. Then a lovely nurse will take you to a room and ask you to change into the gown and hop up onto the funny looking hospital bed, merely chuckling when you exclaim, “wow! All this over sinuses?!”

Soon enough you will find yourself with two monitors strapped to your belly (one watching for contractions *GASP*SRSLY???*Isn’t it a little early to be worrying about such things???* and one to listen to baby’s heartbeat. This one will take a while because baby is happily swimming around, conveniently avoiding the monitor so that your entire belly can eventually be covered in the slimy goo that comes with such listening devices). Then the nurse will inform you that they need to monitor you for at least 20 minutes but that a resident will be in eventually. Thank goodness you brought a book. Too bad you didn’t bring your husband, cause he would have gotten a kick out of all of this.

Eventually the resident will come in, ask you some questions, poke at your sinuses and calmly inform you that it seems like viral sinusitis and you should spend some time breathing in steam from some boiling water. At that point, it is entirely possible that you will start blubbering rather embarrassingly. But don’t worry, that is just what happens when you get sick and can’t breathe properly. It could also be related to feeling as though you have made a GIANT fuss over nothing. Thankfully, everyone will be very understanding and not make you feel like an idiot. In fact, they will tell you to be sure and come back if you have any other problems. Must have been a slow day in Labor and Delivery.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I wholeheartedly approve of not giving out antibiotics to people who don’t need them, but I am so tired of this sinus crap, and I just wanted someone to make it go away. And I was completely thrown off by the belly monitoring. I’m not one to run to the doctor for every little sniffle, so ending up in a hospital bed with people fussing over me just because I have spent 4 days battling sinus headaches and stuffy noses made me a lot uncomfortable. Especially just to hear that there’s nothing to be done but wait it out. Now I just feel like a whiner.

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