I have lots to say…

but I just can’t figure out how to blog any of it. Here goes nothin’.

I don’t talk about my job here because I don’t want to go through the trouble of making sure that co-workers, bosses and other people involved with my paycheck can’t find it. But there is a lot I would like to say about my job right now. It’s getting harder and harder to not complain constantly and just in general be a whiny, annoying individual. (some may say that I’m already there) A friend recently asked me if I was just bored or if there was something else going on. I don’t honestly know. I haven’t been at any job longer than three years, but I didn’t really leave those other jobs due to boredom. And no, I’m not thinking about leaving my job, I’m just really looking forward to not being there this summer. But I think my grumpiness at work is not boredom. I think things have changed and I have changed and I am having a hard time dealing with The Way Things Are right now. Part of me also wonders how much of a role hormones and winter-weariness are playing in all of this. It would be really nice if I didn’t feel like I have to be so vague…
Also, I think that I either need to stop scheduling so many things or I need to start using my calendar more consistently. I have over scheduled myself three times this week already, and it is a really horrible feeling to realize that I am going to have to call someone and tell her that I screwed up and actually can’t be there. (I’m really sorry, Jenny! and ballet class! and Girls’ Weekend Scrapbooking Party!) I’m keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow’s snow storm (have I mentioned winter-weariness??? cuz, srlsy?! SPRING?!) will mean that we can’t travel up to the family birthday dinner that I accidentally agreed to before I remembered that it was ballet class night (the second time this month that I forgot about dance. oops). I know, I’m a terrible, horrible daughter-in-law. But I really don’t want to travel on a work night; putting it off until another weekend sounds nice right now.
Our new furniture arrived yesterday. Now I have a kitchen table (with cute stools; I love it!) and a super comfy chair in the baby’s room. I decided on a recliner instead of a glider because I think they are more comfortable and we found one for a really good price. Not every kid gets to have a fake-leather recliner in her/his room. =) Super nice for middle of the night nursing and rocking, right? I think so. I put together the crib this past weekend and hung the valence that Mom made, so the nursery is looking pretty nice, if I do say so myself. Perhaps there will be pictures one of these days.
But right now, it’s time to fold laundry. I’m a couple of days behind on the laundry again, but there is good TV on at the moment, so it’s a good time for seated chores.
Oh, that reminds me of one last thing. I miss my heart and lungs. Stupid pregnancy-related short of breath-ness. Putting away groceries made my heart pound this weekend, and walking in the halls, I can’t talk and walk without panting. I hates it. I also hate random people who comment on my size (I’m not talking about friends and family, I’m talking about random people I run into in the store or on the bus or where ever who ask when I am due and then say “Really???? But…” Yes, I know. I am large. Shut up and leave me alone, people I don’t know. I’m gonna start lying about my due date.).
Right, laundry.
see ya later. boring things demand my attention.

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