A pile of pictures!

I played hooky from Guild Raid Night so that I could get some things done and spend some quality time on the couch with Penelope and my DVR. Conveniently, the TV that is recorded on my DVR doesn’t require a whole lot of brain power, so here are some pictures (FINALLY!). I know that they are awkwardly sized, but that’s just too bad. The picture uploading process takes entirely too long as it is, and I don’t want to go back and do it again. Someday I would like an easier way to post pictures. One that doesn’t involve transferring pictures from camera to laptop, transferring the files to iPhoto, exporting the pictures so that they are more appropriately sized, uploading them onto the blog individually and then finally turning it all into an actual post.

By the way, there is a giant dog staring at me while I’m working on this. She seems to think that since there is still pizza on the counter, we must have meant to feed it to her. Surely we didn’t just get lazy and/or distracted by technology (computer, DVR, camera full of pictures, whatever) and not put it in the refrigerator. Clearly, THE PIZZA IS MEANT FOR THE DOG!!! NOW!!! It’s almost enough to make me get my giant self off of the couch to go into the kitchen and put away the leftover pizza. almost. maybe once this post is posted.

Here are the promised pictures of my favorite-est niece.


oh, and her parents. and my belly.

Emma Julie Kim
Aren’t we adorable?

Emma and family
I love this picture. Emma, Center of the Universe! All is right with the world.


Emma and BunnyCake
There is a tradition in our family of Bunny Cakes for first birthdays, though I am not sure that Grandma would have approved of her son’s interpretation of the bunny’s face… it’s a little like Bunnicula, if you ask me. Cute, but a teensy bit creepy.

Emma Cake
Seems that the cake is pretty tasty. I think she liked it.

Look how big the belly is getting! Oh, that reminds me — I passed my Glucose Tolerance Test, but it was closer than I was hoping for. Another 6 mg/dL and I would have had to do another one, the 3 hour version. The midwife didn’t seem at all concerned, so I guess I’ll stop worrying about it. Also, I have gained 30 pounds! (only 25 that the midwives know about. heehee) I got a mild warning about that today, but I’m ignoring it. I eat when I am hungry and I haven’t added inches anywhere other than around the baby, so I must need whatever weight I have added and other than cutting out the Easter candy (it’s almost gone!), I’m just going to keep on keeping on. In other news, baby is kicking around all over the place, even poking back after being poked by the midwife (strongly enough that she saw it. it made me giggle).

Here Comes Trouble!
Here comes trouble! Isn’t she the cutest?!

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  1. Becky says:

    I think you look great, no matter what the scales say! But are you sure you aren’t having twins? 😉

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