The cutest kid in the entire world (until June 28th-ish, that is)

I have a pile of pictures (and permission to post them) of my niece, who will be 1 year old tomorrow. I got to spend the weekend with my family (and Mike got to spend the weekend all alone at home with our giant dog and her giant friend, the Great Dane, who needed a place to stay while her family was out of town). All in all it was a wonderful weekend, and my niece is seriously adorable. She is also super well behaved and easy going and a lovely roommate (until Saturday morning when she slept in until it was light enough out to see that I was not in fact her mother and she wasn’t really sure she should let me pick her up. Even then she didn’t get upset, she just crawled away to the other side of the crib and pretended I didn’t exist. =( poor me. I should live closer so she would actually know who I am). Oh, right, this all started with pictures. I have them. In my camera. One of these days I will get them out of the camera and onto the blog. There is also a picture of my giant pregnant belly. In a bathing suit! *gasp* That one may not make it out of the camera and onto the blog. (my parents have a new hot tub and a fancy new hot tub room attached to their house. I’m very jealous. And don’t worry, I didn’t overcook the baby. I only spent a little bit of time submerged in the hot water, even though I wanted to stay there forever.

But now, before I post this and crawl into bed, here is a recap of My Adventures with the Tiny Airport in my Town…

8:45am – leave house to go to airport for 10:20am scheduled departure
8:55am – brief stop at Target for water bottle to carry empty through security and then fill with water to carry on plane
9:05am – check in at Tiny Airport (greeted by all 5 people working at said airport, because NO ONE else was there)
9:10am – wander through security (greeted by all 4 TSA agents who have NOTHING else to do but check to be sure I’m not dangerous)
9:15am – realize how wonderful and easy it is to travel out of Tiny Airport. consider blogging about how great it is, because Tiny Airport even has FREE wireless internet access!
9:30am – booming voice from ceiling proclaims that the airplane will be 57 minutes late and any passengers needing to reschedule connections will have to go back out through security and talk to an agent. Look at tickets and realize we will be 4 minutes too late for my connection
9:32am – back through security, back in line at desk, only to find that there is not really anyway to get where I need to go if I miss my connecting flight
9:40am – call Mom to be sure someone can pick me up at Big City airport in the middle of rush hour, instead of Convenient Airport where I should have been arriving. Of course someone will.
9:45am – agent suggests taking checked bag on the plane so that both reservations can be held in the computer, just in case something happens and the original connection can be made.
9:50am – congratulate self on not crying AND being able to pack second carry-on bag into previously checked suitcase
9:53am – BACK through security, where TSA agent exclaims happily, “haven’t I seen you already today?” while making me take off my shoes again and take out my laptop again and take out my liquids bag again. bah.
10:30am – booming voice from the ceiling declares that we should all use the restroom before we leave as the plane that we will be boarding has a broken lavatory. So much for the carry-on water bottle. Call Mom to share the hilarity of my day.
11:00am-ish – plane arrives, passengers and bags are loaded, hilariously funny flight attendant tells us what to do in an emergency (my favorite part — “I’m going to demonstrate now how to buckle your fancy new fangled seat belt. Mine is a left handed model. If you can’t figure out how to buckle your right handed model, perhaps you shouldn’t be allowed out in public unsupervised.”) and plan takes off a bit ahead of delayed-schedule.
****Time no longer matters, because there isn’t enough of it and that is all I can think about.****
We land at concourse C of Giant Midwestern Airport and I struggle off of tiny plane and reclaim my gate checked suitcase and head for a monitor. My next flight leaves from concourse A. Of course it does. I have 10 minutes until my next plane is leaving. And concourse A at this airport is the longest concourse that I have ever seen. There is an indoor train. I couldn’t slow down long enough to figure out how to get on it and by the time I realized it was going to matter, I was halfway there. Pregnant ladies shouldn’t run on moving sidewalks. It’s not pretty, especially when pulling a suitcase and carrying a laptop bag. And trying not to panic. Arriving at my gate, I see there are still people boarding the plane. I pull out my cell phone and call my family to let them know I will be flying on my original flight into Convenient Airport and no one has to go to the Big City during rush hour. Sigh with relief. Two minutes later they scan my boarding pass and tell me to step over to the side of the gate with a crowd of angry looking people. Turns out we have been given a smaller plane and there isn’t room for all of us. OMG the tears and the snot (and no kleenex, I might add). Don’t tell the pregnant lady that just ran through your airport and sighed with relief that she can’t get on the plane!
There was a flurry of phone calling and freaking out and a lot of angry muttering (in part because the gate agents were not even a little sorry and kept telling people they could be put on a later flight when I knew there were no later flights because we’d already been through that once today, thankyouverymuch. Heehee, they weren’t pleased when I shared that knowledge with the other outcasts around me). And then three kind souls got off of the plane and I got to get onto the plane and even had a seat and a place to put my luggage. And call the family AGAIN to tell them I was on again and would be there slightly later than planned but on the proper plane. Whew. Too much drama for me. HATE flying. (oh, and there was a funny moment when the woman in the seat next to me called her husband to explain that she hadn’t taken off yet and was going to be late and she was sitting beside a pregnant lady who had to run through the airport “and then they weren’t going to let her on the plane and she is VERY UPSET.” Um, hi? I’m right here next to you. Pregnant, but not deaf. It made me giggle.)

The flights back on Sunday were perfect, though, and it is SO nice to arrive at the airport, grab the suitcase from baggage claim and be home in 15 minutes. Maybe I will have to fly again one day…

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  1. Jill says:

    Great story. Sorry you had to experience all that though! And in your delicate condition to boot. I’m afraid the bathing suit picture has already gone public–your mom sent it to me yesterday. I assume that was authorized . . . or was it?? Emma Jane is amazingly cute . . . I still want to know where her hair and eyes come from!

  2. Kim says:

    Well, since Mom already sent that horrible picture around to the family, I think the internets don’t need to experience it. =) And, no, that wasn’t authorized. She claims it is revenge for posting that picture of her being seasick on vacation.
    It seems that there are grandmothers on both sides with blue eyes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that ours pops out with eyes as gorgeous as Emma’s.

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