Some things…

First, something funny.

Humorous Pictures
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Now, for something funny in a sad sort of way. Remember when I said that I would like Eli Stone better if everyone knew that he had an aneurysm and therefore experiences visions? I believe that I even said that maybe it wouldn’t be so painful to watch if that happened? Well, everyone knows. And it’s still painful to watch and I still might have to cross it off of my Shows the TiVo-like Device Records For Me. Which is sad because I think it’s a really good lawyer show.

Oh, and the toxic fumes are gone from the family room and spring is beginning to arrive around here. Unfortunately, now there are piles and piles of doggy-leavings to be extracted from the last bits of snow that are hanging about. I’ve already picked up two bags full and wow, our backyard is still very embarassing. Let’s all hope that it doesn’t get too warm too quickly, or the smells from our backyard might overwhelm the neighborhood.

And finally, something else funny.

Humorous Pictures

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