I made my house toxic and it’s all my mom’s fault. See, while Mom was visiting, she may have mentioned a couple of times how much my house smells like dog (you may remember that we have a large dog and she does in fact live in the house and sleep on the couch all day long) and how icky it was and how I really needed to do something about it.
While we were out shopping we found some carpet stuff that you sprinkle on and then vacuum up and PRESTO, no more dog smell. Well, let me tell you, there is no more dog smell. But there is a toxic cloud of flowery ickiness that might just kill us all.
And it won’t go away. I had the window open all day (you may remember that we live in the great white north and it is still very much winter here) and it was nearly bearable by dinnertime. Now the window has been closed again for a few hours, and the toxic cloud is back. =(
It’s going to get super cold tonight, so I’m leaving the window closed, but I think the dog will have to live with coldness tomorrow while we are at work, cause I can’t imagine that the toxic cloud is very healthy for any of us, especially the one that is closest to the floor and locked in with the bad air all day long.
No more listening to my mom. The dog smell wasn’t that bad. It was better than the burning flowery fumes.

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2 Responses to /ignore

  1. veronica says:

    Maybe try putting plain baking soda over where you put the toxic ickyness, let it sit, and then vacuum THAT up…it might work. Oh, and I have more pants if you are interested. They might actually be long enough, too!

  2. Kim says:

    The baking soda laughed and declared that it had no power over the toxic cloud. =( But four days of leaving the windows open helped a ton.

    As for pants, I think I’m good now. I just need spring to get here for real so that I have some shirts to wear with my pants! But thank you for the offer!

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