A Phunny Kind of Phobia

Have you seen Eli Stone? If you haven’t, you should, it’s a good show. But there’s a problem, because it’s also a show full of embarrassing moments. Eli has visions; the sort of visions that can’t be ignored and so he regularly ends up in uncomfortable situations (hiding from a war under the conference room table, dancing with singing people who aren’t there in the lobby of his law firm, and so on). I can’t handle it! I can’t bear to sit and watch someone else be that embarrassed, even if it is just a TV show. It’s somewhat pathetic, really. Sometimes I can force myself to watch, but most of the time I have to fast forward through those parts. Conveniently, the rest of the show is so good that I can mostly get past the difficult moments, but I also kind of wish that either I would get over my phobia of embarrassing-ness, or that this show would be less embarrassing.
Anyway, do the visions really have to be so awkward? For instance, why can’t he tell the people at his firm that he has a brain aneurysm and sometimes he sees things? They claim he wouldn’t be able to get malpractice insurance if his condition were public knowledge, but that seems a bit weak to me. Well, hrm, just got to the end of this episode, and maybe it really does need to be a secret… perhaps the legal folks aren’t very forgiving of eccentric behavior. Could they really disbar him for “acting funny” in court? I guess I’ll have to keep watching and see what happens.

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