Thou shalt not…

tug too hard on the nose hairs of the gods. or else.

It seems that I have bragged one too many times about not getting sick at all this winter. I got sick on Sunday I’m still pretty impressed that I was healthy for so many of the cold and nasty months while everyone else around me succumbed to one bug or another. (keep in mind that due to My Condition, my immune system is supposed to suppressed, you know, so the kid isn’t kicked out as “foreign”. now are you impressed?)

Some of you may recall that my mom was visiting this weekend. We were super productive (mostly, she did all the work, but I was there) in spite of the fabulous timing of my illness. You know what’s nice? Having Mom around to tell you to take a nap and then stopping by to pat your cheek and tell you it’s going to be ok and that she’s sorry you’re sick. But she went home today and I had to go to work. No one there felt sorry for me. =(

My life is so hard.

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2 Responses to Thou shalt not…

  1. Johnny says:

    OH MAN! I got sick this week too! We could have been sick buddies!

    Anyway, I spent almost all of yesterday in bed, and I feel pretty good today! Woo! Sorry you were sick. >.

  2. Kim says:

    Too bad you don’t live closer — Mom could have taken care of you, too. Glad you’re feeling better!

    I found out yesterday that someone I know at work had the flu last week (influenza for real, not just some stinky cold), so I am feeling quite lucky to just have some stinky cold. Now if only the coughing would stop.

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