There was a whirlwind of cleaning on Saturday, and by the end of it I was ready to admit that maybe this pregnancy stuff does slow me down a bit. I folded more laundry than I thought existed in the world and then had to find a place to put it all in our already mostly full closet and dresser. That ended with the back half of Mike’s car full of clothes that are going to Goodwill. Woohoo! Getting rid of old stuff is so much fun sometimes. I also gave my houseplants a much needed trimming, dusted everything in the family room (let’s not talk about how much dust there was in that one little room), vacuumed at least three dogs worth of hair off of the carpet, thought about finishing the hanging of the curtains but decided it would be easier when Mom is here to help me, cleaned out some of the piles of crap that are in the baby’s room and then collapsed because my lower back hurt so much that I was starting to walk like a crippled person. Mike did way more than I did — he took care of the kitchen (including cleaning appliances), the bathrooms and the basement. He rocks.

And now tonight I just need to finish the vacuuming, mop the kitchen floor and get Mom’s room ready for her. Because tomorrow night I am going to see Step Up 2 with some friends who like bad dance movies as much as I do and then on Thursday afternoon, Mom arrives! What a week. Today I got to work and was tired before I even started anything. *sigh*

oh, and those pregnancy hormones everyone is always talking about? I am more than happy to blame my general crankiness on them whether or not it is really the truth. I am so crabby lately and whether it is weather related, work related or due to hormones, I don’t really care. I just want it to go away before no one wants to be around me anymore and I have to be crabby due to loneliness.

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