Proof of my fatness

My mom doesn’t believe that I have a beer belly, so here are a couple of pictures. I can’t wait until the belly stops being jiggly and starts looking like a pregnant belly. This stage is a bit awkward.

Here’s me sucking in the gut as much as I can.

At the end of the day, that hurts. Here’s the gut hanging out.

I have to admit that I was surprised to see these pictures, because from above, the belly looks A LOT bigger. Thank goodness it’s not so bad from everyone else’s perspective. On a related note, I had to go looking for maternity pants this weekend. So far, it’s a bust. They are all icky. Either the material is awful or they fall off when I sit down. I did buy a pair of really low rise jeans that I am hoping will work. We’ll see.

Wednesday Mike gets to find out if gut is full of boy or girl. No, he isn’t allowed to tell you. Yes, he will probably tell you whatever you want to hear. Don’t believe him. =)

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7 Responses to Proof of my fatness

  1. Brian says:

    I wonder when your blog entries will start to exhibit mood swings and food cravings?

  2. Jeff S says:

    Yay Boobies!

  3. Kim says:

    I have been remarkably unmoody, actually, I think. Also, I have always had food cravings; those are nothing new here.

    oh, and thanks for noticing, Jeff. =) aren’t they lovely? that picture is not a very flattering angle for them… i’ll have to do better next time.

  4. Johnny says:

    Lookin’ good!

    So, if I ask Mike what the baby is, he’s going to tell me “what I want to hear?” Well, what if he doesn’t know what I want to hear? Is he going to lie to me, and tell me the opposite of what the baby really is? Is he going to tell me the truth, thinking that I won’t believe him? I DEMAND ANSWERS!

  5. Kim says:

    He will probably tell you whatever he thinks is funny at the time. Or he will make some joke that doesn’t tell you anything about the baby’s gender and will possibly be a reference to something that only Mike has ever heard of. You should just laugh and then pretend to be mad that he won’t trust you with the secret; it’s best to humor him even if you don’t understand.

  6. GTB says:

    “it’s best to humor him” So pretty much treat him like we always do?

  7. Kim says:

    You guessed it!

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