so far behind…

I have gotten so far behind on so many things that when I am home with nothing scheduled, all I want to do is watch TV or log on to see my friends in the computer.

I haven’t finished fixing the curtain rod and curtains that Jenny helped me pick out when she was here visiting more than a month ago. I haven’t started cleaning out the baby’s room; in fact, I keep hiding things in there that I don’t feel like dealing with. I can’t remember the last time that I folded and put away the laundry. (the clothes get washed and dried, but then we live out of the laundry basket. That’s so sad. But my wonderful husband hasn’t even seemed to notice, so I can keep procrastinating without much guilt…) I need to find a way to unclog the guest bathroom shower drain (snaking it didn’t work cause it’s a funny drain and I couldn’t get the snake thingy down there. vinegar and baking powder didn’t work. drano also had very little effect. I have a plunger, but I haven’t tried it out yet. ugh.) I have bucket loads of pictures in my computer that I haven’t bothered to blog about. I haven’t cleaned out the dog’s bathroom (our backyard) since it snowed (a very long time ago) and now we are back to single digit temperatures and there is no way I’m going out there to do it anytime soon (thank goodness it is going to snow tonight and cover it all up again). And let’s not get started on the knitting projects that I have abandoned in the last year or so.

As soon as I start thinking about all the things that I should be doing, I get overwhelmed and I just give up. Maybe I should try to be more positive. Here’s a lovely list of the things that I have accomplished recently:
– I gained 11 pounds and reached week 17ish of my pregnancy without feeling ill at all
– I survived THREE in-law holiday gatherings (and have a few new reasons why I am going to hell. more about that later. right now we’re being positive, remember?)
– I picked out new curtains for my family room and got rid of the nasty purple ones that have been here since the 80s.
– I leveled my lovely dwarf paladin to 45 and spent some quality online time with Brett and his druid.
– We found a day care person and she is so wonderful! I’m so glad that we found her and that she has an opening for us and that I won’t have to stop taking the bus because she is so close to our house. I am also excited that she is willing to use cloth diapers! My baby is not going to make the polar bears cry, nosiree.
– My parents used one of their free plane tickets for me and I am going to go home in March for a weekend. Whee!
– I have gone shopping a bunch of times and have managed to buy one new pair of shoes and some bras. That’ll be perfect for work when I can’t fit into my clothes anymore. I am sure that no one will mind if I am mostly naked and very pregnant. Oh, wait, we’re being positive…
– I started a yoga class on Saturday mornings (with Carol! Yay, Carol!), and I didn’t tip over or pass out!

Ok, that’s about as positive as I can be. Let’s talk about why I’m going to hell (this time), though many of you have already heard this one. too bad for you.

We’re at the third and final in-law holiday gathering. This one involved driving four hours each way to have dinner with the grandparents-in-law and several aunts- and uncles-in-law. Oh, and the cousins-in-law and, of course, the parents-in-law. There were lots of people. As usual, the men gathered downstairs to talk about sports and the women gathered in the kitchen to talk about whatever. This time pregnancy took over much of the conversation, which was just fine with me as it is generally uncontroversial and my liberalness can’t get me into too much trouble. or so I thought. Then my mother-in-law says, “I remember when I was pregnant, I just felt so much closer to God…” (she went on with all sorts of lovely things about God creating something inside of her and so on and so forth) All I could think was “well, I feel fat and gassy.” straight to hell.

Why don’t I feel closer to God? It’s not that I am not excited, it’s just that, well, I feel fat and gassy. Even when we hear the heartbeat and see the ultrasound pictures, we don’t get too overwhelmed. I guess we’re just not that way. Usually I’m not worried about that, but now I feel like I should be all weepy and giddy and fabulously excited and I’m just not. There’s all sorts of time left and things to do and stuff to happen and maybe I’ll be giddy later.

Maybe next week. I’m too far behind right now to add that to the list.

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  1. Mom says:

    My suggestion as a mother is to start with folding the clothes. Also, it is easier to clean up the backyard when it is frozen. That comes from experience!!! I remember sitting in my office looking into the front yard at all the land mines. Take the clothes to your familyroom and sit down and watch something on TV and fold the clothes. We will deal with the baby room when I arrive.

    Love you, MOM

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