Starting off the new year right

Or not.

I lost my employee ID badge and my annual bus pass this morning. I’m awesome. I climbed up onto the exam table at my doctor’s appointment this morning and the midwife pointed out that my badge holder seemed to be a bit empty. oh, the panic. and the retracing of steps back to the lobby where I waited for Mike and back to the coffee shop where I stopped before going to the lobby and then back to the lab (all underground; I love this state, cause even though it is stupidly cold outside — my ears almost froze right off my face this morning — they have provided skyways and subways so that I never have to go outside once I get to work in the morning until I go to get on my bus at night). oh and the more panicking because I didn’t find the badge or the bus pass and holycrapitisonlythefirstdayofthenewyearandIalreadylostmyannualbuspasswhatamIgoingtodo?

Thankfully, someone found them and emailed me and my little cards should be returned to me soon. They’re sending a courier. fancy. (how long do courier’s take? cause it’s been 4 hours and I wonder if I should be worried that I still haven’t received my badge and bus pass)

We did get to hear baby’s heartbeat today at my appointment, though. The midwife looked surprised and said, “Wow; nice and loud. Sounds like testosterone!” =( Not a funny joke first thing in the morning. For those of you who are somehow unaware of my baby preferences, I want a girl. The boy can be next; but I want a girl this time. Also, since I know someone will ask, in 4 weeks, Mike should find out whether the being in my belly is male or female, but, NO HE WILL NOT TELL YOU. Because I don’t want to know. I want to be surprised and overjoyed when I finally meet the little bugger, rather than finding out soon and possibly feeling disappointed and crabby through the rest of the pregnancy. Even my midwife agreed that it was a good idea, so shut up, I’m not (that) strange.

Christmas update: Two of three Harris family holiday gatherings are over and the last one will be this weekend. There were presents at both of the other gatherings, in spite of my insistence that I didn’t want anything. Christmas eve was spent just the two (and a third) of us at home. I napped while Mike made a lovely ham dinner and then we opened presents from my parents. Mom and Dad did an awesome job this year of only buying us a few little things that we actually did need (well, except for the glowy gummy worms, but those were pretty fun); it was exactly what I was hoping Christmas would be.

The one change this year that I whole-heartedly approve of was the White Elephant gift exchange with extended Harris family, because I never know what to buy those people. And, I received the awesome-est clay sculpture handmade by Mike’s grandfather. I’m sure that much of the family thought it was awful, but I love it and it is already prominently displayed on my mantle.

And now we just have to drive 4-5 hours each way to have one more Christmas dinner. That’s right; we will get in the car, drive all the way there, have dinner, sit around and talk for a bit, and then turn around and come home. ugh.

and now I’m going to stop babbling. =) did you miss me?

I almost forgot! Penelope has a new bad habit. It is no longer enough that she spread her hairy filth all over my couch, she must also muck up my throw pillows. icky. (click the thumbnails to enlarge)


If you look closely here, you can see the bit of doggy eye peeking up at me as she pretends that she is asleep and couldn’t possibly move. She is much too tired to be bothered.


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2 Responses to Starting off the new year right

  1. Brian D says:

    I’m really digging “the reason for my fatness” as a blog category. And you said you weren’t clever like that.

    So the world is dying to know… exactly how long does a courier take to navigate the sub and skyways of Rochester?

  2. Kim says:

    The world will have to continue to wonder. Turns out the courier never picked up my badges for delivery, so I ended up walking over and picking them up myself. Which, really, is what I should have done in the first place. =)

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