‘Tis the season

I love choirs. Orchestras and bands, too. Nothing is more guaranteed to make me tear up than a really good orchestra accompanying a fabulous choir. For two fairly “non-musical” people, my parents sure did a good job of instilling in my brother and I a deep appreciation for classical music. We went to Boston Pops concerts, we watched concerts on TV, and one of my favorite holiday memories is the image of my dad, kicked back in his LazyBoy chair, eyes closed, the lights on the newly decorated Christmas tree sparkling, and Handel’s Messiah filling the room (seriously, filling the room. He liked to listen to it pretty loudly. I seem to remember the door to the room being closed; maybe so he wouldn’t be told to turn the volume down). =)
So tonight, when I saw that PBS was showing a history of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (always known at our house as the Moron Tab and Apple Choir, cause we’re cool like that), of course I turned it on and turned the volume up. I have to admit that I didn’t really pay too much attention to the history bits, but I really loved the music. In fact, it gave me chills several times. This weekend we’re going to a Christmas concert at Assisi Heights; I hope there will be chills. I can’t wait.

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