Oh my.

November is nearly over already. I’ve been home from vacation for a month and I still haven’t managed more than one post with pictures. I’m awesome. In fact, I haven’t had anything exciting to say here for a while. How sad.
Well, how’s this for exciting?

I’m pregnant!

For real. And it’s still “supposed” to be a secret, since I’m only 10 weeks along and things could still end in sadness instead of a baby. I’m bad at secrets, though. And if things did end in sadness, I probably wouldn’t keep that secret, either. So there it is. But, please don’t tell anyone I work with, OK? Cause I still haven’t told some of them. =)

I’m blaming the complete and utter exhaustion for the lack of blogging lately. I sleep a lot. And when I’m not sleeping, I’m eating. It’s somewhat disturbing. The pregnancy book that I bought in England claims that starting yesterday I should be less tired. Jury’s still out on that one, but I really, really hope that the book is right. My house needs a lot of cleaning before my college roommate arrives for a visit in two weeks and it’s hard to clean while asleep.

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3 Responses to Oh my.

  1. Theogris says:

    See, the problem is that you’ve bought a “Pregnant in England” book. They’re completely different over there and actually give birth to adults that age backwards (I found that out watching the BBC Channel’s Mork and Mindy marathon) You can also ignore the chapters about your baby possibly turning out to be a flesh craving zombie, proper dental care and sustituting tea instead of formula.

  2. Leah says:

    Congratulations! Very exciting!

  3. GTB says:

    Repeating what I’ve told you already, congrats!

    Also: anything a book says, you can freely ignore, since no two pregnancies are the same, even with the same person. Either way, it’s very exciting and I’m happy for you guys!

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