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I have to admit, when Mike and I started discussing vacation spots, I really didn’t want to go to the UK. I wanted to go somewhere adventurous and a little more exotic. Mike seemed pretty excited about it, though, and I really wanted to go somewhere, so I agreed to a London and Wales trip. And now I have to admit, it was a great vacation. Two days in London was plenty, though. It is so expensive there, and much too busy and crowded for a relaxing vacation. I think Mike would have enjoyed another day or two at the British Museum, but an afternoon was enough for me.

British Museum

And we did manage to have lots of adventures, because after two days in London, we rented a car and headed for Wales.

Driving UK
Holy Crap! We’re on the wrong side of the road!

Driving UK
Thank goodness we were able to change our rental car reservation and leave from Gatwick (30 minute train ride outside of London) instead of trying to drive in the city.

Welsh Road Signs
Look! It’s Welsh! (In most places, the Welsh was first and the English second.)

Cardiff Millenium Square
Our first stop was Cardiff. It’s not a bad little town, but there’s not exactly a ton to see. We shouldn’t have skipped the Cardiff Castle, but, well, someone told me that it wasn’t a real castle and instead of checking the guidebook for myself, I believed him. Let me tell you, I gave him an earful several castles later when I found the truth in the guidebook. Instead, we walked through town to find Millennium Square. That was my request, because you see, we watch a Doctor Who spinoff called Torchwood, and their secret base is underneath Millennium Square. I wanted to have my picture taken standing on the rock that is really the secret elevator entrance. I know, I’m such a nerd.


Imagine our surprise when we discovered that there was a Doctor Who Exhibition right there in Cardiff! Of course we went to see it.

Doctor Who Exhibit
It was such a corny exhibit, but we had a good time. Here’s Mike with his favorite Doctor Who character — K9.

And here’s Mike with the Tardis (a seriously cheesy replica anyway).

Doctor Who Exhibit Cardiff
And here’s me with the Pig Men and a Dalek.

More about our trip later. I’m going to have to stop writing so much about each picture, I guess… But I have so many stories to tell! And, I can’t believe how many pictures I now have of me in my pretty red coat. I kind of lived in it for 10 days, it seems. Good thing I really like it.

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  1. Mom says:

    Kim, I love the red coat!! The pictures are great. I’m glad you had a wonderful time.

    Love, MOM

  2. GTB says:

    Looking at these pictures, all I can say is, Mike’s actually the gnome?!

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