A wish

“Well, I’m going to wish for what is best for you. Whatever that is.”
The words were there and gone in an instant, but they came back to me today and all day I have been attempting to wrap myself in their quiet certainty. It was a wish so simply stated, yet today it really resonated with me. It is what I want to wish for myself — whatever is best, not matter what that is.

I’m still not there.

Today’s soundtrack:
No Mermaid – Sinead Lohan
Somebody’s Miracle – Liz Phair
Broken White Line – Kris Delmhorst
The Christians and The Pagens – Dar Williams
The Major General song from Pirates of Penzance

I love my iPod; I can wallow and be silly all in the space of a few songs. Today the pod is certainly tending toward the wallowing end of the “random” spectrum, though. It’s like it read my mind.

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