Not a good morning. I did get to cuddle with two dogs all night long, so that was good, but this morning after turning the alarm off (I don’t know where the snooze button is, that’s Mike’s job), I went right back to sleep cuddled between the dogs. It was lovely. Until I realized that it was 7:10 and I needed to be on the bus in 9 minutes and I was still in bed. Ok. fine, next bus, plenty of time. Things at work will get started a little late making my Friday a little long, but it’s my own stupid fault.

After my shower I find two dogs in my bathroom, begging for breakfast. Except that one of them is making funny faces and gagging a bit and the big one isn’t begging for breakfast, she’s looking concerned about her little friend. Oh neat, little dog puke on my bathroom floor, that’s just what I need right now. She winds up and…. nothing. Dry heaves. poor thing. But you see, that was the after party, because the real thing was smack in the middle of my bed. Soaking through the “dog cover”, through the blanket that I don’t care about, all the way through to the quilt that my mother made for me. awesome.

So I strip the bed, feed the dogs and head down to start a load of laundry. And there I find the biggest, creepiest house centipede thing that I have seen since I spent a summer in southern China (where they grow bugs BIG). I hate bugs with lots of legs. I can handle lots of yucky things, but nothing makes my skin crawl more than things with many legs. And me without a husband at home to take care of it. You should be very proud of me; I found a long stick and got rid of it.

And now I have to go catch the late bus.

I miss Mike.

P.S. Since I am already whining, I would also like to mention that my weekend of hermit-ness has also been postponed. =( I have a puppy birthday party tomorrow that I forgot was this weekend. And while I am excited about the party, I was also excited about not leaving the house on Saturday. So since I already have to leave the house, I might as well get my hair cut and go to the Farmer’s Market. All lovely things, but it means I have to shower and get out of my pajamas and into presentable clothes. boo.

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4 Responses to /whine

  1. Tony says:

    I agree with you on the bug with too many legs thing.. I hate those guys. Even if you squish the heck out of them they still have way too many legs! Bleh!

    I know it won’t make you feel much better, but aren’t you glad it wasn’t Fred vomiting on your bed? I think the general rule is that dogs can produce a volume of vomit equal to their head.

  2. Brian D says:

    On behalf of vomiting dog owners everywhere, I’m going to have to apologize for the nastiness you found in your bed. I hope that all came out in the wash okay. 7:30 seems ridiculously early for her to be doing that, especially considering that we’ve gotten away with not feeding her until 9:00 or so quite a bit lately.

    Hope the dog party was reasonably fun.

  3. Kim says:

    All is well, Brian, don’t worry. =) I think maybe I fed her too early the night before. Penelope was begging for dinner at 5 and she was recruiting Zelda to harass me, so I gave in. The next night we had a late dinner and everyone was fine. It could also have been related to the insane amounts of wrestling and running around they did, or the half of Penelope’s bone that Zelda consumed that night before I noticed (not the plastic ones, the ones that come with peanut butter on the inside, but the peanut butter was all gone so it was just the emptied out shell of bone). The dog party was fun. There wasn’t even any fighting. and both dogs were exhausted when we got home.

  4. Kim says:

    Oh, and Tony, that is an excellent point. I AM glad that it wasn’t Fred. That would have been an epic-ly bad morning with that much vomit on my bed. =)

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