Second Anniversary!

We celebrated our second anniversary recently. There are a few traditions on the anniversary of our wedding. First, Mike’s work gets super busy and our weekends seem to fill up as well. As a result, we decide that there isn’t anything that we want to do more than sit at home and watch movies and not leave the house (ok, so it’s my suggestion, but he has readily agreed both times!) all day. So we go out, rent lots of movies, start a fire in the fireplace and stay home all day long. Then, around dinnertime, my poor husband is going so stir-crazy from sitting on the couch all day in front of the tv that he makes a dash for it. Conveniently, this ends in Chinese food being brought to me on the couch where I am still sitting in front of the tv. =) Oh, and the final tradition (can it be a tradition if it has only happened for 2 years? I think it can) is that I put on my wedding dress. (how often do you get to put on a poufy dress and scare the dog by wearing a veil? not often enough, I say!)

Still Fits Nov05
Look; it fits!

Still Zips Nov05
It even zips! Who needs to breathe? Not me; breathing is for people who aren’t wearing wedding dresses.

Scary Dress Nov 05
Even without the veil, poufy dresses frighten the brave mastiff…

And that’s my story. =) Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Oooh, random story to end a random post — Zelda has returned for the holiday, but she has a hurt leg, so she is in her kennel not getting more injured and Penelope is bouncing around looking hurt, confused and kind of angry at me for not letting Zelda out for a romp. poor dogs. I love it when vets say “just keep her calm”. uh hunh. We’ll get right on that. I’m sure she’ll understand why she can’t play with her bestest buddy.

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4 Responses to Second Anniversary!

  1. Tony says:

    That’s funny… I never have trouble keeping Fred calm. :)

  2. Jen says:

    Yay for wedding dress trying-on! Happy anniversary! I will attempt to post something new to my blog. I’ve been enjoying some computer-free days and also experiencing some general boredom with my blog.

  3. steve says:

    Where is Mike in your anniversery pictures? Does he get to dress up to?

    Hey Mike,

    You use DocBook at work right? What editor do you use again? A fancy XML editor or MS Word conversion macros or something?


  4. Mike says:

    Hey Steve,

    Yes, I actually dress up like one of those orcs from War Craft III. Spikey shoulder pads and everything.

    As for DocBook, nope – we haven’t used that in a couple of years. When we did we actually used our craptastic inernal-IBM editor, and then used some transform utility that converted it to DocBook.


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