Blogging Dilemma

Question: How do you write a blog post about being lonely when your friends read your blog?

Answer: Turn off the comments and assume that your friends can handle your whining. After all, they’re your friends, they should be used to your occasional (or not so occasional) rambling whiny-ness. Besides, it’s your blog, why have it if you don’t get to say what you want?

I’ve been feeling lonely lately. Discontented with life. There’s nothing actually wrong. Work is good, family is good, free time is full of entertaining diversions, so what’s my big problem? My life isn’t the way it used to be and that makes me unhappy. That’s the problem with contentedness — you can only be content with your life so long as it doesn’t change and so long as you don’t start wanting it to change.

It’s not that I think my life will always be the same and that I will always have the same friends and that our friendships will always be the same. That’s not it. But I’ve always had at least one really good friend around who was at the same place in life as I was. College, graduation, first job, new city, engagement, wedding, buying a house, new dog, new career, everything. But right now I find myself somewhat alone. My friends have gone through this place and I’m still here. As much as I love my friends, they’re not here right now. And that feels lonely and unfixable.

I know that is very melodramatic. You were warned. Either stop reading or learn to deal with my drama. =)

I was going to ramble on some more, but I sort of ran out of steam as I watched Grey’s Anatomy. I love that show. It’s even more melodramatic than I am.

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