Catching up with some pictures

Here’s the tree that doesn’t live in our backyard anymore. TreeDownSummer07Next year I think we’ll have a little apple tree back there. And maybe even some grass now that there is some sun.

Here are a few pictures from my niece’s visit. This one is my favorite — Lily really wanted to hold one of the babies, so we sat on the couch and passed Emma over.

Uncle Mike also spent some time teaching Emma about video games.MikeEmmaXbox0707

I’m not sure she really cared very much, but she did a good job of humoring him. EmmaXbox0707

And, here are a couple of the pictures of my fishing trip with the in-laws.Fishing0807

Aren’t the tiny fishes cute? We threw them back so that they can get bigger, maybe in time for our next fishing excursion.

And now I’m tired of uploading pictures. see ya later.

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  1. Johnny says:

    trout are freshwater fish and have underwater weapons
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    keep away from the trout

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