I have quite the green thumb

My flower pots grew a dead bird.

No really. Mike and I planted three big pots full of flowers for the front steps. Here’s what they looked like a couple months ago:


Since it might freeze tonight (why do we live in this freaking state?) I decided to bring the pots inside. I brought them into my living room and was plucking out some dead leaves when I discovered the other dead thing in the pot. NASTY! At least I found it before Penelope found and ate it. Judging by its state of decay, I must be pretty oblivious when I water those flowers.


Also — yay, me! I managed to convince the camera and MacBook to play nicely and share photos. Then I managed to find iPhoto and look at all my pictures. Today I finally figured out that in order to resize the pictures (and make them small enough to upload onto the blog), I have to “export” them. Export them from where they are, to…where they are…whatever. It worked. =) Whee! Maybe I’ll export the rest soon and post some pictures of the summer.

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  1. Brian D says:

    Can I just say that I think it’s awesome that your new template was apparently designed (at least in part) by a Polish Robbie Williams fansite?

    I think that’ll pretty much explain the banana.

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