Pretty, Pretty Princess

Her debut was all I could have hoped for!
(except for the part where she still refuses to sit on the Horrid Bed)


Anyone who knows Penelope should know by now that she is the biggest baby of a dog that ever existed. She is afraid of everything that isn’t food or offering food to her. Unless, that is, she is at Obedience Class. Because at Obedience Class, everyone carries treats in their pockets! Her favorite pasttime is nosing around people’s pockets looking for handouts. (She is FAR more successful with this game than is really appropriate.) Conveniently, today’s Obedience Trials reminded her enough of Obedience Class that she was her usual classtime self – confident, adorable, and looking for handouts. (She only conned two people out of treats, though not for want of trying.) Who could resist this face? (sorry for the repeat pics — I’m doing a little experiment to see what looks better on different computer monitors. At work the first one is completely unrecognizable as a dog face, so I thought maybe a little contrast/brightness adjustment might fix it, or maybe I just need to post larger pics…)


Ready for Show

Ready for Show LG

The course for our class was not terribly challenging and most of the “tricks” we had to perform are things that we do in class on a weekly basis. Here’s a picture of us competing. The little signs on the floor tell us what to do, so really, the scariest part is making sure that I can read the sign, that I understand what it says to do and that I then know where to go next.


I think she did great for her first time competing. We scored 93 out of 100 points and won 4th place!


The 7 points off were for things like having the leash too tight (she is supposed to heel next to me on a loose leash, but it is hard to break the tight leash habit – my habit, not hers), sitting off to my right instead of right in front of me on the Call to Front (she got distracted on her way from my left side all the way around to in front of me!), and, oh yeah, being super slow. She lags behind me chronically. We’re working on it, but it’s hard to convince a food motivated mastiff to move faster when there is no food involved (no treats allowed in the ring).

So that’s my story. It was a good day. Fast, but fun. I think we spent more time driving than anything else. And I was definitely more nervous than the dog. I’ll have to work on that.

Here are a few parting shots from the past few weeks that I haven’t managed to work into a post of their own…

Sonoma and Penelope had a weekend of fun a few weeks back while Sonoma’s parents were out of town.



They’re too big to take pictures of while they are hurtling around the room, but they did eventually wear each other out.


Backpacks Bu Hao
Penelope doesn’t really like her backpacks. I was going to put the Halloween candy in them and make her hand out the candy to the little kids. (funny Halloween story — one little boy saw Penelope through the window and yelled “Holy Schmoly, look at that dog!” I’ve been quoting him ever since. =) )

Bird Bone
And that is just one of the many reasons that Sydney couldn’t stay at my house.

That’s all for today!

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2 Responses to Pretty, Pretty Princess

  1. Tony says:

    What fun! I’m glad your competition went well. Just a little more practice and she’ll be on the television!

    I bet Penelope would like that bed more if you soaked it with that beef or chicken flavored water. Or maybe if we convince Fred to sleep on it for a few days.

    Oh, and I like your picture of the exhausted Penelope and Sonoma. It looks like Sonoma might have landed on something.

  2. Kim says:

    Hmmm… The pictures from the show are really dark. They didn’t look like that on my monitor at home… I’ll have to try and fix that one of these days.

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