I was reading my book on the bus today and I realized something — some of my favorite books are really depressing. I like books that are full of angst and whininess and crying. Of course, I like lots of books that are happy and funny, but sometimes I really like to read a good wallow-y, sad-to-the-point-of-ridiculous book.

But I HATE movies like that. I regularly finish watching a movie and think, “well, that sucked. It was way too depressing.” I like my movies entertaining and/or sappy, not sad and depressing.

strange, isn’t it?

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6 Responses to Epiphany

  1. Johnny says:

    There was this girl I knew in high school who was borderline genius, right? I used the word epiphany one day to describe the “light bulb going on” look that she got when we were doing Physics, right? Well, she got all up on my case because “Isn’t that just some Christian holy day? Or something?” I threw a dictionary at her face, and told her to look it up. I’m glad I made people feel stupid in high school.

    Yes, I’m well aware that this had nothing to do with your blog post, but I thought it was a good story.

  2. Brian says:

    I hope you don’t make that love/hate distinction between other things in life like talking on the phone vs. seeing people in person.

  3. Kim says:

    I think that I am more often a black/white, love/hate sort of person than I am a “shades of gray” sort of person. In fact, I HATE talking on the phone. Seeing people in person is always better. I’m still working on that Road Trip to Chicago plan, by the way…

  4. Tony says:

    I hear belgian busses are going from Minneapolis to Chicago these days..


    From a quick search it looks like they’re charging a massive $25 each way, though. Plus Chicago is scary.

  5. Kim says:

    I just checked out the bus to Chicago, and if I leave on Wednesday, October 10th at noon, I will get to Chicago at 7:25pm, and it will cost me $1. Oh, plus a $0.50 reservation fee. ZOMG!
    The return trip on Sunday will cost $20, which is still pretty awesome, but not quite as cool as $1.

  6. Tony says:

    A 50% increase in cost just for having a reservation? That’s ridiculous!

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