overheard on the bus

Guy: I don’t want to drive straight down. I want to go through North Dakota, South Dakota…
Chick: North Dakota? What’s in North Dakota?
G: Yellowstone. The biggest f*&%ing volcano in the States! The thing is 10 f*&%ing miles across!

(there was a long stretch in here where I stopped listening cause I couldn’t listen without laughing out loud)

G: I come from a huge f*&%ing city. It’s f*&%ing fast there; you gotta be on your toes. You gotta think f*&%ing fast!


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One Response to overheard on the bus

  1. Jen says:

    I like to listen to parents in museums telling their kids completely erroneous things. Much like declaring Yellowstone to be located in North Dakota, for example.

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