If wishes were horses…

I would have one by now!

There’s this tree in our backyard that I have hated since the day we moved in (or maybe even before that). It’s not very pretty, it’s in exactly the spot where I would like to have an apple tree, it is the first one in the yard to drop it’s leaves (I think that means it’s not so healthy), and it is COVERED in ants. So, for nearly two years now, I have been wishing that the tree would do me a favor and drop dead once and for all.

Last weekend, it blew over**. Now I’m redoubling my wishing efforts and asking for a pony. (or a horse; I’m not so picky)

**There are pictures to prove the awesome power of my wishing, but the camera is currently not speaking to the laptop and I’m too lazy to bring the camera and cable downstairs to give PC a shot at negotiating pictures out of the silly camera. Mac will have another go at it this weekend and maybe there will be pictures then. Hopefully there will also be pictures of someone coming by and chopping up the silly tree and hauling it away.

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