Isn’t my blog pretty?

I have to find a cute Penelope picture to replace Random Beach Dog, but still. I like the new theme. Thanks for fixing it, Tim.

Tomorrow’s the big day! Penelope has her very first obedience competition. (You can read about what we are going to do on the AKC’s website.) She had a bath tonight and I think she is working on forgiving me for that. She’s super-soft now and smells like vanilla (actually, it’s a little less like vanilla and a little more like “dog who recently rolled in cookie dough”, but that’s better than “dog who hasn’t had a bath in months”).

On Wednesday I made the pretty, pretty princess a new dog bed (yes, I got out my sewing machine and sewed a dog bed cover out of cloth and thread and stuffed it full of egg crate mattress). Stupid dog HATES the new bed. Absolutely refuses to sleep on it. Last night she wandered around the bedroom pouting and finally settled in to sleep on my dirty clothes pile at the end of the bed. We’ll see how that goes tomorrow when we are up in the Big City at the obedience trial and the choices are hard linoleum floor or Horrible Bed that Mommy Made Me. If all goes well, the bed drama will be the worst thing we have to deal with tomorrow.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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