Updated update on the bees

What Mike says in the comments section of my previous post is mostly true. The bees may indeed have survived their swim in hydrochloric acid (yesterday at lunchtime, Beetropolis was buzzing again, but this afternoon, there was no activity there). I think that does it, though, if they can survive acid, I’m even more sure that I shouldn’t kill them. Lucky bees.

Mike did not, however, get called in to talk to the queen. poor, delusional husband.

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One Response to Updated update on the bees

  1. GTB says:

    Soap. Preferably a big bottle of the bubble solution for kids. Pour a ton of it on the entries to the nest just after it gets dark, and that should help get rid of them. Apparently it screws up their pores and breathing and such, I dunno, but it worked like a charm when we got bumblebees in the dirt right next to our front door.

    And he might have been called in to see the queen, just not the queen bee. One never knows…

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